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  • 78 porsche 928 early star knob inner door lock bezel bearing 92853758102 92853758103

    Door lock star knob set, left & right, early 78-only

    Early-type star knob set for inner door locks, 78-only. Set of 8 pieces.
    NEW reproduction knob & snapring. Excellent condition bezel & bearing. All mounting hardware included.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92853758102 (ref 92853758103), 92853758502, 92853709502

  • porsche 928 jump post power terminal protective cap cover

    Jump post cap & cover, NEW, 78-84

    Protective cap and cover for jump post power terminal, 78-84.
    NEW custom-made rubber cap, NEW modified Genuine Porsche cover.
    Cap is similar in look and function, however not an exact replica.
    Cover is modified w/a plastic washer bonded to backside, for cap to secure cover in place.
    Cover not originally used on 78-79, but is a great addition for protection of vital electrics.
    Porsche P/N 92861286900 (cap is NLA), 92861287102

  • porsche stritone mixo red horn 91163510121 and 91163510221

    Stritone Mixo red horn set, vintage Porsche

    Fulfillment date: 2 weeks
    * See Terms of Service for more details

    Vintage Stritone ‘Mixo’ horn set, 73 thru mid-80’s Porsche. Pair of Red trumpets – low ‘basso’ and high ‘alto’ tones.
    New horn mechanisms. Restored original red trumpets, very good used condition.
    These are NOT new old stock NOS, just an excellent alternative to what are no longer available.
    Period-correct for vintage Porsche 911 Carrera, 924, 928, 930 Turbo, 944
    NLA from Porsche P/N 91163510121 and 91163510221

  • porsche 928 air inlet snorkel upper fan shroud intake tube hose

    Fan shroud air inlet snorkel, left or right, 78-86

    Air inlet ‘snorkel’ for upper fan shroud to intake tube connection, left or right, 78-86.
    Very good condition, no cracks.
    Replacement item for your original fan shroud. Easy installation.
    Never available separately from Porsche, ref P/N 92810606300

  • porsche 928 early air intake inlet tube 92811027200 92811027204

    Air intake inlet tube set, NEW, 78-82

    Early-type cold air intake inlet tubes, 78-82. Set of 2.
    NEW, custom-made reproduction. Cut to correct length & vent hole added for timing belt cover.
    Rubber sleeves not included. Reuse your original sleeves for best fit.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92811027200 (ref 92811027204)

  • 78 79 porsche 928 Hood fender weather seal trim

    Hood-fender weather seal trim, NEW, 78-79

    NEW reproduction hood-fender trim weatherstrip seal. Set of 2 pieces, enough for one 928.
    Period-correct for 78-79, may be used for all 928.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92851155103

  • porsche 928 fan belt idler pulley tensioner bracket smog pump delete bypass

    Fan belt idler pulley bracket, All 16V 928

    Fan belt idler pulley bracket for smog pump ‘delete’, all 16-valve 928.
    Excellent condition original bracket w/NEW uprated & serviceable pulley.
    Great option for full smog pump system bypass. Works with existing smog pump belt & tensioner.
    Compare with Porsche P/N 92810608002

  • 78 79 porsche 928 toolkit hold down strap tool panel

    Toolkit hold-down strap set, NEW, 78-79

    Toolkit hold-down straps for tool panel, 78-79. Set of 3.
    NEW, custom-made reproduction.
    NLA, never available from Porsche

  • porsche 911 sc carrera 928 930 turbo spare tire emergency wheel rubber desk pads adhesive backing 91120125900

    Spare tire rubber pad set w/adhesive backing

    Rubber desk pads w/adhesive backing for spare tire emergency wheel. Set of 3.
    NEW, excellent condition. Medium-durometer neoprene rubber.
    Fits Porsche 911 Carrera, 928, 930 Turbo. Reproduction of the original, with no hole in the middle.
    Compare with Porsche P/N 91120125900

  • 78 porsche 928 gas tank fuel strainer screen 36mm fitting 92820108103

    Fuel tank strainer screen w/36mm fitting, NEW, early 78-only

    36mm gas tank fuel strainer screen, early 78 up to US VIN 9288200053 & RoW VIN 9288101287.
    NEW, custom-made reproduction. Rubber seal included.
    Very early 78 used a 36mm threaded sleeve, please check your 928 before ordering.
    Note: This product is a custom modified P/N 92820108104, not NOS.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92820108103 (ref 37mm 92820108104), 92820118702

  • porsche 928 timing belt tensioner carrier arm shoulder bolt 92810557000

    Tensioner roller arm bolt, NEW, 78-81

    Bearing shoulder bolt for timing belt tensioner roller carrier arm, 78-81.
    NEW, custom-made reproduction. High quality, black zinc plated. Recommended replacement item for a timing belt/tensioner service!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92810557000

  • porsche 928 hatch cargo luggage net 92855547102

    Hatch cargo luggage net, NEW, 78-79

    Rear hatch area cargo luggage net, 78-79. Located between the rear seats.
    NEW, excellent condition. Includes 4 knobs and screws.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92855547102, 92855546902