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  • 78 79 porsche 928 no sunroof delete headliner roof liner black vinyl

    Sunroof delete headliner, black vinyl, 78-79

    Sunroof delete headliner roof lining, black vinyl, 78-79. Not leather.
    Excellent condition, no warps or blemishes.
    Rare no-sunroof w/vanity mirror cutout. Fits all 928, but would require vanity mirror.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 9285550710270A

  • porsche 928 steel bellypan engine undertray 92850494102 ref 92850494104

    Steel bellypan engine undertray, 78-79

    Engine undertray ‘bellypan’, 78-79. Early steel version.
    Very good condition, straight w/some dings and 2 small tears along edge. Painted chassis black.
    Uber RARE, especially the early steel one!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92850494102 (ref 92850494104)

  • porsche 928 early 8 tooth window motor left 92862401302 92862401304

    Early 8-tooth window motor, left or right, 78-83

    Early 8-tooth window motor, left or right, 78-83.
    Excellent restored condition. From a low mile (23k mile) donor 928.
    Early-type with the plastic motor housing, period-correct for 78-79.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92862401302 (ref 92862401304), 92862401402 (ref 92862401404)

  • 78 porsche 928 chrome door lock red key 92853763302 ref 92853763305

    Chrome door lock set w/red key, 78-only

    Chrome door locks with matching red key, 78-only. Set of 2.
    Excellent restored condition, graphite lubed for smooth actuation. NEW seals, link rods & correct mounting hardware included.
    RARE and hard to find in this condition!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92853763302 (ref 92853763305), 92853711102 (left link rod), 92853711202 (right link rod), 92853753102 (seal)

  • porsche 928 euro fog aux light plastic trim bezel 92850511704 92850511804

    ‘Euro’ light trim bezel set, 78-86 RoW

    ‘Euro’ fog/auxiliary light trim bezels, 78-86 RoW. Set of 2, left & right.
    Excellent condition. Original finish, no cracks.
    Uber Rare, hard to find!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92850511704, 92850511804

  • porsche 928 rear hatch release switch knob cap plastic trim rosette

    Hatch release knob & switch set, 84-95

    Rear hatch release switch w/ knob & cap, and trim rosette, 84-95. Set of 4.
    Very good condition. Switch restored, tested and working.
    Porsche P/N 92861311400, 92861343100, 92861343300 (NLA), 92861343700

  • porsche 928 911 930 944 3-spoke steering wheel plastic trim cover 92834708500 94434785700

    Steering wheel trim cover, Porsche 3-spoke

    Black plastic trim cover piece for vintage Porsche 3-spoke steering wheel.
    Excellent condition. Mounting hardware included.
    Fits late-70’s thru late-80’s Porsche 911 Carrera, 924, 928, 930 Turbo, 944.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92834708500 or 94434785700

  • 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 porsche 928 front horizontal grille black plastic slats 92855913504

    Late-type front grille assembly, NEW, 80-86

    Fulfillment date: 2 weeks or sooner
    * See Terms of Service for more details

    Front lower horizontal grille assembly w/late-type black plastic slats, 80-86. Also fits 78-79.
    NEW, excellent condition. All mounting hardware included.
    Fully assembled, ready to install.
    Porsche P/N 92855913504 (Qty 3), 92855913902 (Qty 2), 92855913702 (Qty 1), 99959188201


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