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Searching for that hard-to-find uber rare Porsche 928 part can be a daunting task. And when one finally comes available, you find it was snatched up before you could pull the trigger. Or you make a purchase to later find the quality of the part was less than expected.

928 Classics is always searching for and finding those special parts, with a discerning eye and focus on the best quality.

We are pleased to offer an alternative way to buy from our Parts Store, with Pre Order now available on select products temporarily out-of-stock. Order in advance and we'll get you that part you've been looking for!

Select Pre Order products will continue to roll-out in the coming months, so check back regularly for the newest offerings.

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  • 78 porsche 928 row euro instrument panel gauge cluster kilometers 260 kph 92864110130

    ‘Euro’ KPH gauge cluster, 78-only RoW

    Fulfillment date: 2 weeks
    * See Terms of Service for more details

    ‘Euro’ KPH instrument panel gauge cluster, 78-only RoW. Metric 260kph speedometer, kilometers odometer. Date stamped 6-78.
    Very good condition, tested and working. New odometer gear.
    Porsche P/N 92864110130

    Odometer can be set to match your 928 upon request. Please specify in order notes at checkout.

  • 78 79 porsche 928 hvac vacuum climate control unit manual auto us english row euro german

    HVAC climate controller, 78-79

    Fulfillment date: 2 weeks
    * See Terms of Service for more details

    HVAC heating & air conditioning vacuum-actuated climate controller, 78-79 & very early 80. English language script.
    Very good restored condition. Rebuilt and repaired where needed, tested and working. New slider knobs.
    Also fits and functions for RoW ‘Euro’, only difference is English script (no longer offering German script).
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92857306105, 92857306005, (ref 92857306104, 92857306004 RoW), 92857409303

  • 78 porsche 928 chrome door lock red key 92853763302 ref 92853763305

    Chrome door lock set w/red key, 78-only

    Fulfillment date: 2 weeks
    * See Terms of Service for more details

    Chrome door locks with matching red key, 78-only. Set of 2.
    Excellent restored condition, graphite lubed for smooth actuation. NEW seals, link rods & correct mounting hardware included.
    Option to match your original key, would need to send in. Please specify in order notes.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92853763302 (ref 92853763305), 92853711102 (left link rod), 92853711202 (right link rod), 92853753102 (seal)

  • 79 80 81 82 83 porsche 928 tool kit toolkit set selected special wrench yellow screwdriver klein hapewe

    Early-type toolkit set, 79-83

    Fulfillment date: 2 weeks
    * See Terms of Service for more details

    Original and complete early-type tool kit, 79-83.

    • 5 ‘Selected-Special’ wrenches/spanners, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
    • Yellow-handle screwdriver w/3 interchangeable drivers, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
    • Klein 21mm sparkplug wrench w/handle
    • Hapewe plier
    • Tow hook, (early coarse-thread 15mm dia, P/N 92872210103)

    Very good original condition, plating wear typical with age.
    NLA from Porsche (compare with new from Porsche P/N PCG92872110 (ref 92872100506), but it’s not even close to the same)