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  • porsche 928 5sp 5 speed manual gear shift knob black rubber 92842410506

    Manual gear shift knob, 78-79 US, 78-82 RoW

    Manual gear shifter knob, 78-79 US, 78-82 RoW ‘Euro’.
    Very good condition, medium crazing, no rips or tears.
    Becoming very hard to find!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92842410506

  • porsche 928 red plastic gas fuel filler cap 92820190302

    Red plastic gas cap, All 78-95

    Fuel filler gas cap, 78-95.
    Very good condition, working latch lock. New sealing ring included.
    Porsche P/N 92820190302, 92820127503

  • porsche 928 rear hatch lid lock latch receiver 92851205503 92851205540

    Rear hatch latch receiver, 78-83

    Lock latch receiver for rear hatch lid, 78-83.
    Very good condition. New plastic insert.
    Porsche P/N 92851205503 (ref 92851205540)

  • porsche spare tire inflator air compressor pump intercompressor

    Porsche spare tire inflator, Intercompressor

    Intercompressor spare tire inflator, air compressor pump. Complete kit w/all accessories including working emergency light flasher.
    Very good condition, tested and working. Both snap clips & rear hinge are intact. Case has typical wear and scratches.
    Period-correct for late-80’s thru mid-90’s 911 Carrera, 930 Turbo, 944, 928, 968.
    NLA from Porsche


1977 Porsche 928 Geneva Show Car

After years of intense development, the Porsche 928 was ready to put on display for the world to see. Porsche planned big and started with a well-prepared 928 introduction for automotive journalists in France, February 1977, where the first pre-production…

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