Early Porsche 928 archeology – #1, #2, #4 press cars

For those looking for a deep dig into early Porsche 928 press cars, this video is for you. Follow along with Jay Read as he interviews the owner of the first, second, and fourth pre-production press cars displayed and driven at Porsche's first 928 press launch  in 1977.

928 ambassador collector detective historian, Andrew, takes us on an excellent tour, sharing stories of acquisition, history and nuanced details which make these 928 press cars so special.

It's something remarkable to own the first Porsche 928 ever built, but to own 3 of the first 12 press cars is something else entirely.

Now I just need to see if I can catch a drive in that Number One car!

My intent in republishing this here was to further capture something I consider to be important, before it gets buried in the digital ether of Youtube.