Porsche Werk 2 factory photos, Zuffenhausen 1977

What would it be like to be a fly on a wall at the factory where some of the very first Porsche 928s were built? 

Well, Dan Lindsay had that exact experience back in October 1977 when he was given access to tour and photo-document Porsche's Zuffenhausen Werk 2 facility

Here are some excerpts and photos from when Dan shared his story on Rennlist

Back in 1977 I picked up a new Porsche and they let me run around the 928 line and snap a few pictures.

The assembly line was amazingly simple and short. It was just a horseshoe shaped line in which they merely pushed the cart along and started slapping things on the car.

The 928 build area was cluttered constantly with engines sitting around, awaiting their turn to go into cars.

At the conclusion of it they were ready to drive out of the garage doors, take it for a street run, and then return it to the adjustment garage for last minute things.

In 2006 and they wouldn't let me near the line this time with a camera. Porsche is extremely protective of their processes today. In 1977 they never had a problem with private photography.

The 928 is a great car,--many years ago I was fortunate to meet Tony Lapine and discuss the car with him.

porsche sales and marketing ludwigsburg 1977
Porsche sales and marketing facility, Ludwigsburg 1977