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  • bosch porsche 928 euro row 8 h4 headlight headlamp new lhd left hand drive 92863110100 92863110103 928-631-101-03

    Bosch 8″ H4 headlight set, NEW, 78-95

    Left-hand drive early-type Bosch 8″ headlights, 78-86 RoW ‘Euro’. Set of 2.
    Like NEW never used, excellent condition. Minor blemishes from long storage. Rear sealing caps and stock 55/60w H4 bulbs included.
    Uber RARE early-type without the indicator ‘nib’ on top.
    Early-type is NLA from Porsche P/N 92863110100 (ref 92863110103), 92863192300

  • bosch porsche 928 euro 8 h4 headlight headlamp 92863110103

    ‘Euro’ H4 headlight set, 78-86 RoW LHD

    Left-hand drive Bosch 8″ H4 headlights, 78-86 RoW ‘Euro’ (fits all 928). Set of 2.
    USED, very good condition. Broken ball-cup clips, but fits w/3 snaps intact. Rear sealing caps and new 55/60w H4 bulbs included.
    Early-type with no indicator ‘nib’ on top & correct Bosch script on glass lens.
    Porsche P/N 92863110103, 92863192300

  • Bosch ‘blue’ ignition coil, NEW, 78-84 US, 78-83 RoW

    Bosch ‘blue’ ignition coil, 78-84 US, 78-83 RoW ‘Euro’.
    NEW, excellent condition.
    Made to look like an original w/a modern Bosch Made in Brazil unit.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92860250300 & NLA from Bosch P/N 0221122001

  • porsche 928 us left fog light lamp assembly housing glass lens 92863141701

    Fog light assy, NEW lens, left or right, 78-86 US

    Fog light housing w/NEW glass lens, left or right, 78-86 US.
    Excellent condition, all plastic adjusters intact. H3 bulb included.
    Porsche P/N 92863141701 (left), 92863141700 (right)

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    porsche 928 fog auxiliary light glass lens

    Fog & auxiliary light lens set, NEW, 78-86 RoW

    ‘Euro’ fog light & high-beam aux glass lenses, 78-86 RoW. Set of 4, left & right.
    NEW, excellent condition.
    Porsche P/N 92863192700 (left aux 1305620383…384), 92863192800 (right aux 1305620385…386), 92863192500 (left fog 1305620379…380), 92863192600 (right fog 1305620381…382)

    Original price was: $425.00.Current price is: $400.00.
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    porsche 928 row euro right fog light lamp assembly housing 92863141600

    Right ‘Euro’ fog light assy, NEW, 78-86 RoW

    Right-side ‘Euro’ fog light housing, 78-86 RoW
    NEW, NOS, excellent condition.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92863141600

    Original price was: $400.00.Current price is: $350.00.