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  • porsche osram orange box spare light bulb kit

    Osram ‘orange box’ light bulb kit

    Orange box spare light bulb kit by Osram for Porsche.
    Very good condition. Original bulbs and foam.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92872210303

  • porsche 928 aluminum jack felt pouch 92872101103

    Aluminum jack & felt pouch, 80-95

    Aluminum jack with felt pouch, 80-95.
    Very good condition.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 00072171001, 92872101103

  • porsche spare tire inflator air compressor pump intercompressor

    Porsche spare tire inflator, Intercompressor

    Intercompressor spare tire inflator, air compressor pump. Complete kit w/all accessories including working emergency light flasher.
    Very good condition, tested and working. Both snap clips & rear hinge are intact. Case has typical wear and scratches.
    Period-correct for late-80’s thru mid-90’s 911 Carrera, 930 Turbo, 944, 928, 968.
    NLA from Porsche

  • porsche 911 carrera sc 930 turbo 924 928 bayerische druckgusswerke bdw spare tire inflator air compressor pump box manual warranty 91165205200 kompressor notradkompressor reifenkompressor

    BDW air compressor pump, spare tire inflator

    Bayerische Druckgusswerke BDW spare tire inflator air compressor pump w/new replacement box (not original type).
    Good condition, refurbished & repaired where needed. Original manual & warranty papers included.
    Porsche dealer supplied, ca. late-70’s, early-80’s, 911 Carrera SC, 930 Turbo, 924, 928
    NLA from Porsche P/N 91165205200

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    vintage original maroon blue vinyl porsche owners drivers manual jacket cover case pouch 460420

    Porsche owners manual cover, maroon & blue

    Vintage maroon & blue vinyl Porsche owners drivers manual cover case pouch.
    Very good original condition.
    Period-correct for late-70’s Porsche 911 SC Carrera, 924, 928, 930 Turbo.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 460420

    Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $125.00.
  • 79 80 81 82 83 porsche 928 tool kit toolkit set selected special wrench yellow screwdriver klein hapewe

    Early-type toolkit set, 79-83

    Original and complete early-type tool kit, 79-83.

    • 5 ‘Selected-Special’ wrenches/spanners, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
    • Yellow-handle screwdriver w/3 interchangeable drivers, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
    • Klein 21mm sparkplug wrench w/handle
    • Hapewe plier
    • Tow hook, (early coarse-thread 15mm dia, P/N 92872210103)

    Very good original condition, plating wear typical with age.
    NLA and new is not the same from Porsche P/N PCG92872110 (ref 92872100506)

  • porsche 928 first aid kit box verbandkasten hepp din 13164

    DIN 13164 first aid kit by Hepp for Porsche 928

    Vintage ca. mid-80’s ‘verbandkasten’ first aid kit, by Hepp for the Porsche 928, DIN 13164.
    Excellent condition. Complete kit, never used.
    Designed for perfect fit in the rear center console compartment. Very rare!.

  • 78 79 porsche 928 steel black jack felt pouch

    Steel black jack & felt pouch, 78-79

    Early steel black jack with felt pouch, 78-79.
    Excellent restored condition.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 00072171001, 92855109302

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    78 porsche 928 towing hook eye lug

    Towing hook eye, fine thread, 78-only

    Tow hook eye, fine thread, 78-only.
    Original finish, some plating intact. Slightly bent, does not affect fit or function.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92872210102

    Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $125.00.
  • porsche 928 hatch cargo luggage net 92855547102

    Hatch cargo luggage net, NEW, 78-79

    Rear hatch area cargo luggage net, 78-79. Located between the rear seats.
    NEW, excellent condition. Includes 4 knobs and screws.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92855547102, 92855546902