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  • 79 80 81 82 83 porsche 928 tool kit toolkit set selected special wrench yellow screwdriver klein hapewe

    Early-type toolkit set, 79-83

    Fulfillment date: 2 weeks
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    Original and complete early-type tool kit, 79-83.

    • 5 ‘Selected-Special’ wrenches/spanners, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
    • Yellow-handle screwdriver w/3 interchangeable drivers, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
    • Klein 21mm sparkplug wrench w/handle
    • Hapewe plier
    • Tow hook, (early coarse-thread 15mm dia, P/N 92872210103)

    Very good original condition, plating wear typical with age.
    NLA from Porsche (compare with new from Porsche P/N PCG92872110 (ref 92872100506), but it’s not even close to the same)

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    porsche 928 auto first aid kit box verbandkasten din 13164 black

    Porsche first aid kit, DIN 13164

    Vintage Porsche ‘verbandkasten’ first aid kit, DIN 13164.
    Good condition. Complete kit w/manual, never used. Snap clips & hinge intact. Front corners cracked, bottom surface blemished from heat.
    Great fit for an early 928, stored behind the carpet panel in passenger footwell.

  • porsche 928 first aid kit box verbandkasten hepp din 13164

    DIN 13164 first aid kit by Hepp for Porsche 928

    Vintage ca. mid-80’s ‘verbandkasten’ first aid kit, by Hepp for the Porsche 928, DIN 13164.
    Excellent condition. Complete kit, never used.
    Designed for perfect fit in the rear center console compartment. Very rare!.

  • 78 79 porsche 928 steel black jack felt pouch

    Steel black jack & felt pouch, 78-79

    Early steel black jack with felt pouch, 78-79.
    Excellent restored condition.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 00072171001, 92855109302

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    78 porsche 928 towing hook eye lug

    Towing hook eye, fine thread, 78-only

    Tow hook eye, fine thread, 78-only.
    Original finish, some plating intact. Slightly bent, does not affect fit or function.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92872210102

  • porsche 928 hatch cargo luggage net 92855547102

    Hatch cargo luggage net, NEW, 78-79

    Rear hatch area cargo luggage net, 78-79. Located between the rear seats.
    NEW, excellent condition. Includes 4 knobs and screws.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92855547102, 92855546902