Early metal sticker set, NEW, 78-only US or RoW


NEW complete set of 8 metal stickers for 78-only US or RoW ‘Euro’.
High quality, exact reproduction, satin gold metal, correct original thickness.
Etched not printed, durable anodized coating, very resistant to chemicals, water and heat.
The best reproduction stickers available anywhere, including from Porsche!
Porsche P/N 92870116302 (high voltage), 92800610500 (firing order), 92800610105 (emissions control, US), 92800610300 (ignition timing, RoW), 92870115102 (fan warning), 9287015302 (intensive washer), 92800650800 (tire pressure, US), 92800650500 (tire pressure, RoW), 9287015502 (battery cover), 92870115702 (spare tire pressure)

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