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  • porsche 928 first aid kit box verbandkasten hepp din 13164

    DIN 13164 first aid kit by Hepp for Porsche 928

    Vintage ca. mid-80’s ‘verbandkasten’ first aid kit, by Hepp for the Porsche 928, DIN 13164.
    Excellent condition. Complete kit, never used.
    Designed for perfect fit in the rear center console compartment. Very rare!.

  • porsche 928 jump post power terminal protective cap cover

    Jump post cap & cover, NEW, 78-84

    Protective cap and cover for jump post power terminal, 78-84.
    NEW custom-made rubber cap, NEW modified Genuine Porsche cover.
    Cap is similar in look and function, however not an exact replica.
    Cover is modified w/a plastic washer bonded to backside, for cap to secure cover in place.
    Cover not originally used on 78-79, but is a great addition for protection of vital electrics.
    Porsche P/N 92861286900 (cap is NLA), 92861287102

  • 78 porsche 928 gauge cluster instrument panel plastic backing plate rear cover 92864192900

    Gauge cluster backing plate, NEW, 78-only

    Gauge cluster, instrument panel plastic backing plate, 78-only.
    NEW, excellent condition.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92864192900 (ref 92864111530, 92864110130)

  • porsche 928 early air intake inlet tube 92811027200 92811027204

    Air intake inlet tube set, NEW, 78-82

    Early-type cold air intake inlet tubes, 78-82. Set of 2.
    NEW, custom-made reproduction. Cut to correct length & vent hole added for timing belt cover.
    Rubber sleeves not included. Reuse your original sleeves for best fit.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92811027200 (ref 92811027204)

  • 78 79 porsche 928 hood bonnet fender weather strip seal trim 92851155103

    Hood-fender weather seal trim, NEW, 78-79

    Hood-fender trim weatherstrip seal. Set of 2 pieces, enough for one 928.
    NEW, custom-made reproduction.
    Period-correct for 78-79, may be used for all 928.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92851155103

  • 79 porsche 928 front center console black leather manual center vent

    Front center console, black leather, 79-only

    Front center console, black leather, 79-only. Manual center vent type. Factory DIN radio opening.
    Very good condition, minor blemishes. Mounting tabs intact. New foam at vent inlet.
    2-post radio adapters available, if needed. Please specify in order notes at checkout.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 928552045521AJ

  • 78 porsche 928 black leather narrow early shift shifter gaiter boot 92842413902

    Black leather shift boot, NEW, 78-only

    Black leather shifter boot, narrow early-type, 78-only.
    NEW reproduction, high quality.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92842413902

    Shift knob sold separately.

  • porsche 928 us left fog light lamp assembly housing glass lens 92863141701

    Fog light assy, NEW lens, left or right, 78-86 US

    Fog light housing w/NEW glass lens, left or right, 78-86 US.
    Excellent condition, all plastic adjusters intact. H3 bulb included.
    Porsche P/N 92863141701 (left), 92863141700 (right)

  • 78 79 80 81 porsche 928 Instrument panel plastic connector guide clip gauge cluster 92864197700 928-641-977-00

    Instrument panel connector clip, 12-pin early-type, 78-81

    Instrument panel connector guide clip, shorter 12-pin early-type, 78-81.
    Excellent condition, snaps intact.
    RARE, nearly impossible to find!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92864197700

  • 78 79 porsche 928 owners drivers manual wkd467621 wkd467620 wkd468321 wkd468320 460420

    Porsche 928 owners-drivers manual, NEW, 1978 or 1979

    Porsche 928 owner’s manual (US/Canada) or driver’s manual (UK/RoW), 78 or 79. Printed in English.
    NEW, Genuine Porsche. Modern reprint, period-correct publishing date.
    Reproduction maroon jacket cover free with purchase.
    Porsche P/N WKD-467-621, WKD-467-620, WKD-468-321, WKD-468-320, 460420

    Note: The driver’s manual is great option for ‘Euro’ owners who prefer English.

  • 78 79 80 81 porsche 928 timing belt tensioner roller carrier arm bearing shoulder bolt 92810557000 928-105-570-00 928 105 570 00

    Tensioner roller arm bolt, NEW, 78-81

    Bearing shoulder bolt for timing belt tensioner roller carrier arm, 78-81.
    NEW, high-quality reproduction. Black zinc plated.
    Replace a bent tensioner bolt at your next timing belt service!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92810557000, 928-105-570-00, 928 105 570 00

  • porsche 928 hatch cargo luggage net 92855547102

    Hatch cargo luggage net, NEW, 78-79

    Rear hatch area cargo luggage net, 78-79. Located between the rear seats.
    NEW, excellent condition. Includes 4 knobs and screws.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92855547102, 92855546902