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porsche cr blaupunkt blue dot
Radio manuals, Porsche CR

Porsche Cassette Radio CR Stereo Typ US and Typ DE operation manuals or Bedienungsanleitung. Published by Blaupunkt in 1977.  English, French, Spanish and German languages. Original equipment for the Porsche 928, 930 Turbo, and 911 Carrera. Like the Blaupunkt ‘Blue Dot’ Bamberg and … Read More

From Leonard Turner with love – Pano, April 1977

PCA’s Panorama received excellent access at the original 928’s press launch. The result was a complete issue devoted to the 928 (read editor Betty Jo Turner’s About This Issue). This is an amazing Pano and well worth the read. I most … Read More

porsche 928 service information manuals
Service information manuals, 78-79

The 1978 and 1979 Porsche 928 service information manuals contain highly detailed information, diagrams and schematics. From engine to transmission, power steering to suspension, headlights, climate control, central warning and electrics. This is one of the best technical introductions to the early … Read More

porsche 928 paint interior color charts
Paint & interior color charts, 78-79

Late 70’s Porsche 928 paint and interior options were fantastic!  Vibrant single-stage solid colors like Continental Orange or Talbot Yellow were available, and a broader range of metallics like Minerva Blue or Tobacco Brown began to popularize. And fabrics such … Read More

porsche 928 press kit 1977 main
Porsche 928 press kit, 1977

Porsche’s marketing department published this 1977 Press Kit to introduce automotive journalists and the general public to the then-new Porsche 928. It’s chocked full of fundamental information, including tech specs, overall dimensions and high-quality black & white photos. This is a great … Read More

porsche 928 owners manuals
Porsche 928 owner’s manuals, 78-82

Most of these owner’s manuals are English language for the US/Canada market. However, there’s one German language Betriebgsanleitung for 1978. If you have a RoW ‘Euro’ 928 and need English language, look for a Driver’s Manual published for the UK market. Credit … Read More

project projekt 928 julius weitmann rico steinemann motorbuch verlag
Project 928 – The definitive book on the early Porsche 928

Project 928 – A development history of the Porsche 928 from first sketch to production. Written by Julius Weitmann and Rico Steinemann, published by Motorbuch Verlag, 1978 Weitmann and Steinemann were granted exclusive access to document the inception of the Porsche 928, … Read More

Early and late camshaft o-ring seals

As specified in Technical Bulletin TB 78-03, a change occurred in 1979 when an o-ring groove was removed from the camshaft and added to the camshaft sleeve bearing. A larger o-ring was required. Specified in TB 78-03:Early o-ring P/N 99970145240, size … Read More