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78 porsche 928 early narrow type center console vent louver knob
Early-narrow center vent louver, knob or no knob, 78-only

Early-narrow type vent louver for center console, with knob or no knob, 78-only (thru approx. mid-year).
Very good condition, all louvers intact. Some mounting posts are missing, still fits without them.
The early type is very RARE!
NLA from Porsche P/N 92857404001, 92857404000 (ref 92857404002)… Read More

porsche 928 early air intake inlet tube 92811027200 92811027204
Air intake inlet tube set, NEW, 78-82

Early-type cold air intake inlet tubes, 78-82. Set of 2.
NEW, custom-made reproduction. Cut to correct length & vent hole added for timing belt cover.
Rubber sleeves not included. Reuse your original sleeves for best fit.
NLA from Porsche P/N 92811027200 (ref 92811027204)

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porsche 928 manual gear stick shift lever 5 speed
Manual gear shift lever arm set, 78-84

Manual gear shift lever w/all mounting hardware, 78-84. Set of 10 pieces.
Very good condition, NEW bushings & clips.
Period-correct longer lever arm. New is not the same.
Compare with Porsche P/N 92842406708, 99992400240, 92842414901 (NLA), 92842414703, 99916603402

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porsche 928 dashboard gauge binnacle pod instrument panel black 92855203102
Dashboard gauge binnacle ‘pod’, black, 78-86

Dashboard gauge binnacle ‘pod’ for instrument panel, black, 78-86.
Very good original condition, minor blemishes. Small split on top side.
Very hard to find! Early-type with smaller ignition key recess
NLA from Porsche P/N 92855203102 (ref 92855203103)

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porsche 928 early 8 tooth window motor left 92862401302 92862401304
Early 8-tooth window motor, left or right, 78-83

Early 8-tooth window motor, left or right, 78-83.
Excellent restored condition. From a low mile (23k mile) donor 928.
Early-type with the plastic motor housing, period-correct for 78-79.
NLA from Porsche P/N 92862401302 (ref 92862401304), 92862401402 (ref 92862401404)

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