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78 79 porsche 928 hvac vacuum climate control unit manual auto us english row euro german
HVAC climate controller, 78-79 US or RoW

Fulfillment date: 2 weeks or sooner
* See Terms of Service for more details

Heating and air conditioning vacuum-actuated climate control unit, 78-79 US (English display) or RoW ‘Euro’ (German display).
Very good restored condition. Rebuilt and repaired, tested and working. New slider knobs.
NLA from Porsche P/N 92857306105 (US manual), 92857306005 (US automatic), 92857306104 (RoW manual), 92857306004 (RoW automatic)

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78 79 porsche 928 blaupunkt 4x6 speaker 4 ohm 5 watt
Blaupunkt 4×6 radio speaker set, 78-79

Early 4 ohm 5 watt 4×6 Blaupunkt speakers, 78-79. Set of 2.
Very good condition, no tears, tested and working.
Original equipment for 928 front door/rear hatch panels, and other ca. late-70’s Porsche.
NLA from Porsche P/N 92864540100, Blaupunkt P/N 8637621180

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78 79 porsche 928 late narrow type center console vent louver knob
Late-narrow center vent louver, 78-79

Late-narrow type vent louver for center console, 78 thru 79. (from approx. mid-year 78).
Excellent condition, all louvers & mounting posts intact. Plastic post bushings included.
NLA from Porsche P/N 92857404002

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porsche 928 s4 gts tool kit toolkit set selected special wrench red screwdriver klein hapewe
Late-type toolkit set, 87-95

Fulfillment date: Mar 15, 2022 or sooner
* See Terms of Service for more details

Original late-type tool kit, 87-95.

  • 5 ‘Selected-Special’ wrenches/spanners, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
  • Red-handle screwdriver w/2 interchangeable drivers, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
  • Klein 21mm sparkplug wrench w/handle
  • Hapewe plier w/red grips
  • Tow hook, late 84-95 coarse-thread 20mm, P/N 92872210105
  • Emergency manual seat crank

Very good original condition, plating wear typical with age.
NLA from Porsche (compare with new from Porsche P/N 92872100506, but it’s not even close to the same)

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porsche 928 dashboard gauge binnacle pod instrument panel black 92855203102
Dashboard gauge binnacle ‘pod’, black, 78-86

Dashboard gauge binnacle ‘pod’ for instrument panel, black, 78-86.
Very good original condition, minor blemishes. Small split on top side.
Very hard to find! Early-type with smaller ignition key recess
NLA from Porsche P/N 92855203102 (ref 92855203103)

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78 79 80 porsche 928 front horizontal grille metal slat 2855913502 ref 92855913504
Early-type front grille assembly, 78-80

Front lower horizontal grille assembly w/early-type aluminum slats, 78-80.
NEW plastic vertical supports. All mounting hardware included.
Metal slats prepared in white or black primer. Please specify preference in order notes at checkout.
Ready to be painted to match body color.

Porsche P/N (Qty 3) 92855913502, (Qty 2) 92855913902, (Qty 1) 92855913702, 99959188201

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