The best of early Porsche 928 history – Car and Driver, June 1977

This is the kind of stuff that gets my early 928 juices flowing.  I mean it really doesn't get any better than this!  Here we have an article written by prolific men, about prolific Porsche people and their inception - the 928 prolifique

David E. Davis gives us the play-by-play in his best words while driving the first 928 throughout southern France.  L.J.K. Setright pounds out the technical vernacular in a style that would leave an aeronautics engineer scratching his head.  Brock Yates tears it up and photo documents the whole scene that was the 928 press launch, early March 1977. 

We have our second favorite Professor (after Ferdinand, naturally) Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann in his best form, telling it to us like it is... as it were.  A casual interesting dinner conversation with Davis sets the scene for a candid look into how Fuhrmann felt about his beloved 928 and Porsche.  He also shares humorous insight into what made chief stylist Tony Lapine so dynamic. 

This amazing article is just plain chocked full of some of the best 928 quotes of all time!  I hope you'll enjoy the read as much as I did.

porsche 928 car and driver june 1977 cover
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porsche 928 car and driver june 1977