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  • 79 80 81 82 83 porsche 928 tool kit toolkit set selected special wrench yellow screwdriver klein hapewe

    Early-type toolkit set, 79-83

    Fulfillment date: Sept 15, 2022 or sooner
    * See Terms of Service for more details

    Original and complete early-type tool kit, 79-83.

    • 5 ‘Selected-Special’ wrenches/spanners, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
    • Yellow-handle screwdriver w/3 interchangeable drivers, marked ‘Made in W-Germany’
    • Klein 21mm sparkplug wrench w/handle
    • Hapewe plier
    • Tow hook, (early coarse-thread 15mm dia, P/N 92872210103)

    Very good original condition, plating wear typical with age.
    NLA from Porsche (compare with new from Porsche P/N PCG92872110 (ref 92872100506), but it’s not even close to the same)

  • 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 porsche 928 retractable headlight power dual relay 19 20 xix xx 92861810700 92861810707

    Headlight power dual relay XIX-XX, NEW, 80-86

    Dual relay for headlights, position XIX-XX (19-20), 80-86.
    NEW, NOS, excellent condition.
    Uber Rare!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92861810702 (ref 92861810700, 92861810705, 92861810707)

  • 78 porsche 928 row lhd early euro windshield wiper arm 92862821300 ref 92862821306

    ‘Euro’ windshield wiper arm w/early spoiler, NEW, 78-only RoW

    ‘Euro’ left windshield wiper arm with rare early-type spoiler, left-hand drive, 78-only RoW. Date code 2-78.
    NEW, excellent condition. Plastic cap cover included.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92862821300 (ref 92862821306)

  • 78 porsche 928 early narrow type center console vent louver knob

    Early-narrow center vent louver, knob or no knob, 78-only

    Early-narrow type vent louver for center console, with knob or no knob, 78-only (thru approx. mid-year).
    Very good condition, all louvers intact. Some mounting posts are missing, still fits without them.
    The early type is very RARE!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92857404001, 92857404000 (ref 92857404002)

  • porsche 928 plastic filler neck cap windshield washer tank 92862817900

    Filler neck, windshield washer tank, NEW, 78-84

    Plastic filler neck w/cap for windshield washer tank, 78-84.
    NEW, NOS, excellent condition.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92862817900, 92852818102

  • 1978 porsche project projekt 928 book julius weitmann rico steinemann motorbuch verlag rare collectible jacket sleeve

    Porsche Project 928 book & display jacket

    Project 928 book & display jacket – Porsche 928 development history from first sketch to production.
    Published by Motorbuch Verlag, 1978. English language. 155 pages. Measures 11 1/2″ x 10″
    Excellent original condition, w/dust cover & clear plastic liner.
    Rare and collectible, especially in this condition!

  • Porsche 928 spare parts catalog

    Porsche 928 spare parts catalog, 1977

    THE original 928 spare parts catalog, published in February 1977 before Porsche microfiche & PET.
    The parts diagrams are outstanding! Original option codes and part numbers.
    German, English, French, Italian languages. 330 pages. Measures 8 1/2″ x 11 1/2″
    Excellent condition, tight binding, very minor wear on jacket.
    This is extremely rare and an amazing piece of Porsche 928 history!

  • porsche 928 euro fog aux light plastic trim bezel 92850511704 92850511804

    ‘Euro’ light trim bezel set, 78-86 RoW

    ‘Euro’ fog/auxiliary light trim bezels, 78-86 RoW. Set of 2, left & right.
    Excellent condition. Original finish, no cracks.
    Uber Rare, hard to find!
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92850511704, 92850511804

  • 79 porsche 928 front center console black leather manual center vent

    Front center console, black leather, 79-only

    Front center console, black leather, 79-only. Manual center vent type. Factory DIN radio opening.
    Very good condition, minor blemishes. Mounting tabs intact. New foam at vent inlet.
    2-post radio adapters available, if needed. Please specify in order notes at checkout.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 928552045521AJ

  • 78 79 porsche 928 no sunroof delete headliner roof liner black vinyl

    Sunroof delete headliner, black vinyl, 78-79

    Sunroof delete headliner roof lining, black vinyl, 78-79. Not leather.
    Excellent condition, no warps or blemishes.
    Rare no-sunroof w/vanity mirror cutout. Fits all 928, but would require vanity mirror.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 9285550710270A

  • 78 porsche 928 row euro instrument panel gauge cluster kilometers 260 kph 92864110130

    ‘Euro’ KPH gauge cluster, 78-only RoW

    ‘Euro’ KPH instrument panel gauge cluster, 78-only RoW. Metric 260kph speedometer, kilometers odometer. Date stamped 6-78.
    Very good condition, tested and working. New odometer gear.
    Porsche P/N 92864110130

    Odometer can be set to match your 928 upon request. Please specify in order notes at checkout.

  • 83 84 porsche 928s automatic 4sp shifter handle gear selector knob 4 speed auto

    4sp auto shift handle w/push-button, spring & boot, 83-84

    Shifter handle w/push-button, spring, & boot, gear selector knob for 4 speed automatic, 83-84.
    Very good condition, original leather cover missing, textured finish. 2 mounting screws included.
    Fits both left-hand & right-hand drive.
    NLA from Porsche P/N 92842607700, 92842617401, 92242417603, 92842613900