928 Classics - Porsche 928 stickers
This resource documents all stickers/decals used on the early Porsche 928.

Here you will find part numbers, material & size, location on vehicle, availability of Porsche OE and/or reproduction sourcing options.

This resource will be updated regularly to keep the information and current as possible.

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These booklets are useful for often used technical info such as:

  • model info
  • vin decode
  • engine/trans designations
  • dimensions/weights
  • tolerances
  • filling capacities
  • fuse/relay chart

Also you will find excellent info for mechanics.  To be used as a supplement to the workshop manuals

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As outlined in Technical Bulletin (TSB) 84-01, early 928s up to September 1983 (up to VIN ES 92 860404) were fitted with aluminum lower ball-joints which need to be replaced with steel.

This is important because the aluminum LBJ's will fatigue and fail.
I'm amazed at how many early 928s I find still running their original aluminum ones!  Please check your early 928, easy to do with with a magnet - or use TSB 84-01 for pictorial reference.

The TSB outlines more parts than absolutely needed.  For safe replacement, here is what you need to service both sides:

  • (2) Lower ball-joint, steel - p/n 928 341 049 12
  • (2) Eccentric, camber/caster - p/n 928 341 466 00

You may reuse two of the original 26mm diameter camber eccentrics,
p/n 928 341 466 01.  Also the brackets, only difference being the original studs are longer and will stick out a little more.

Please note: Steel LBJ
p/n 928 341 049 12 is thru MY86 - late model steel will not work for this service.

I found myself referencing many different documents while working with Bosch K-Jetronic or CIS Continuous Injection System. So I've consolidated information referenced most often.

I will do my best to keep 'on point' as it is a quick-reference guide.
However, you will also find fundamental info as well.

I'll continue to update this resource as I gather info most often used.

The 1978, 1979 and 1980 928's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is an anomaly within the 928 range, where for only 3 years a 10-digit format was used. This format is similar to what was used on the Porsche 914 and early 924.

From 1981 on, a standardized 17-digit format was employed per ISO 3833.

This resource is designed to help decode and verify a '78, '79 & '80 928 VIN.

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This is an early Blaupunkt radio manual, published 1/1977

4 languages, English, French, Spanish and German.

Big thanks goes to Ron (AirtekHVAC on Rennlist) for giving me this piece of history from his early 928 US #0030.

Eventually I'll publish more info on these rare radios, but in the meantime this manual may prove useful to understand how your original radio works.

Type US
Type DE
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Porsche Service Information Manuals for '78 (left) and '79 (right). Describes the principal changes and innovations on the 928 for that model/year - what was changed and how does it work.

Includes information on every detail of the new 4.5L water cooled engine, transmission specs and details, alignment specs, suspension details, body info, locking system operation, climate control description, relay and fuse assignment, warning system function, and wiring diagrams.

Invaluable to any early 928 owner!
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Late 70's Porsche colors were fantastic! Many single-stage solid colors where available, and a broader range of metallics began to popularize.
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Porsche's marketing department published this press kit to introduce automotive journalists and the general public to the new 928.

It's full of 928 fundamentals, including tech specs, overall dimensions and much more

So if you're new to the 928, this is a great way to be introduced.  Worked well for Porsche back in 1977!

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Thanks and credit to Andrew Olsen and his contributors for collecting and contributing 928 owner's manuals to our community.

I've published the 78-79 manuals here as I continue to develop this resource section as the place to go for early 928 info.