The 1977 Frankfurt IAA (International Motor Show Germany) was the second public showing of the new Porsche 928.  It took place in September following the Geneva Auto Salon held earlier in March.

This is the first time I've seen moving pictures of very early 928s - with rare footage of many pre-production press cars, including the striking red over white Geneva Show car (s/n 0030), my red Number Six (s/n 0016, S-CX 2137), and silver #10 (s/n 0020, S-CX 2141) - the '77 Lemans pace car.

The 928 Frenzy keeps getting better each year!  I'm on my 7th one now.

This year is the first as a 3 day event, now including a Friday afternoon wash-n-shine at our host's Odd and Ends Detailing, and also Sunday parade laps at SummitPoint Raceway.

This is a must-attend event. Hope to see you there.

Make sure to check out the Frenzy 19 Rennlist thread. Lots more pics!
Photo courtesy of Ernest Wong
Your chance to own a piece of Porsche history!

This is one of the pre-production vehicles produced for the 928 launch in the spring of 1977.

Factory company car. Chassis # 9288100018. Originally registered S-CX 2139

I have owned the car for the last 8 years.

mail, text or sms me if you are interested. I will bring it to TecnoClassica if the feedback is good.

Price is negotiable, it is difficult to value the historical aspect of this vehicle.

To learn more about the pre-production 928s, visit this Rennlist forum:

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Officially, 928s built between Jan 1977 and July 1978 were all MY78.  But if there ever were a '77 Porsche 928, certainly this is one of them - the 8th of the first 12 928s built before the production line was completed.  Quite significant yes, but really that's just the tip of the iceberg for this old girl, Number 8.

Before moving to the obvious question of the seller's asking price (or value thereof)
, I believe it's most important to understand what this 928 is, or was from a historical perspective.  The best way to do this is discuss what Porsche intended for its use.  Read on for more...

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This is the kind of stuff that gets my early 928 juices flowing.  I mean it really doesn't get any better than this!  Here we have an article written by prolific men, about prolific Porsche people and their inception - the 928 prolifique.

David E. Davis gives us the play-by-play in his best words while driving the first 928 throughout southern France.  L.J.K. Setright pounds out the technical vernacular in a style that would leave an aeronautics engineer scratching his head.  Brock Yates tears it up and photo documents the whole scene that was the 928 press launch, early March 1977.

We have our second favorite Professor (after Ferdinand, naturally) Fuhrmann in his best form, telling it to us like it is... as it were.  A casual interesting dinner conversation with Davis sets the scene for a candid look into how Dr. Fuhrmann felt about his beloved 928 and Porsche.  He also shares humorous insight into what made chief stylist Tony Lapine so dynamic.

This amazing article is just plain chocked full of some of the best 928 quotes of all time!  I hope you'll enjoy the read as much as I did.

This is the kind of stuff that really gets my heart pounding, to wake up in the morning and gaze at these first-ever-seen vintage 928 photos in my inbox!

I've imagined what it was like to be at the Geneva show in 1977 for the first public launch of the Porsche 928, but Bob Stonerock was actually there.  For that, I'll be eternally envious - and ever grateful for sharing these photo with me, with us.

Read on for more on this special Porsche...

928 collectability comes up in discussion quite often. There seems to be three camps - those who believe they will be, those who say they will not, and those who don't care one way or the other.

I believe the 928 will soon be collectable on a broader scale.
So much so that I'm vested and invested into a business where hobbyist, enthusiasts and future collectors are key to my and its survival.  Risky business?  Some might think so.

However, you may ask why would I build a business on a small-niche early 928 market?

The answer is simple... I'm certifiably insane!  But there may be a method to my madness.

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PCA's Panorama received excellent access at the original 928's press launch. The result was a complete issue devoted to the 928 (read editor Betty Joe Turner's About This Issue).

This is an amazing Pano and well worth the read. I most enjoyed the interview with Dr. Furhmann and team, and also Leonard Turner's photos.

Leonard Turner, Pano's Chief Photographer, was kind enough to share with me his experience from February 1977, along with additional photos from his personal collection.

Read on for love from Mr. Turner. Thank you, sir.

Carter at German Cars For Sale Blog put together a nice post-purchase interview on my recent acquisition of a '78 Euro 5 speed, #2384.  LINK

Here's an excerpt:

GCFSB: Was an early European model 928 your goal, or just a bonus to find?

Jim: Typically, I look for ‘Euro’ models. Early 928s (’77, ’78, 79) possess an inherent purity with a direct link to the original design. In particular, I appreciate the purity of the Euro models having difference elements than US models – 8” H4 headlamps and no rear bumper overriders, for instance.

Porsche built near 500 RoW 928s before US production started. So, I prefer early serial numbers due to their rarity in the US. This one is a late ’78 build, so it interested me for different reasons. There were many running changes to the 928 between ’77 & ’78, and having a later build gives me an opportunity to assess these differences and improvements.

I always find Thanksgiving a great time for reflection. While spending time with family I find relaxation and catharsis.  Thoughts, as I sit in front of this perpetual 4-day-long hearth fire, warm me with happiness.  I'm with those I love most in this world - my two girls, wife and daughter. I'm so thankful to be in their lives! I am a lucky man.

It always fun when another magazine with #6 surfaces. This time it's Rallye Racing, Oct '77.
These are the best at speed photos, I've found!
The story is in German so find your favorite translator.
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